This was too witty not to share!

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This was too witty not to share!

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"Do you disagree with democracy"

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Not at all! I totally believe in democracy. I believe in the rights of the people to decide their fate collectively, and the democratic process is really important to that.

In reality, I see socialism as an extension of democracy, in a radical way, over the economic and political life of society.



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"You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in."

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"i just need to get my shit together"

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Conservatives aren’t always racist.

Only half the time they say something that’s overtly racist. The other half they conveniently ignore race all together.

"Passionate beliefs produce either progress or disaster, not stability. Science, even when it attacks traditional beliefs, has beliefs of its own, and can scarcely flourish in an atmosphere of literary skepticism. … And without science, democracy is impossible."

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Timeless wisdom from Bertrand Russell on human nature, education, the root of progress, and the heart of the good life.  (via explore-blog)

10 super awesome reasons to stop eating animals!

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1) Animals aren’t fucking here for your taste preferences and deserve to live a life free from exploitation, oppression, torture and abuse. You can survive without animal products so fucking cut the shit.
2) That’s it. There is no more. You don’t need any more incentive. Stop being a selfish fuck and leave animals the fuck alone.

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I don’t eat real food

A co-worker just told me I don’t eat “real food” so I kept listing food I eat until she walked away.

CBS Announces the First Official 'Star Trek' Beer

Evansville, Indiana on the map for something cool for once.

Overheard at work

"that boy eats so much cheese he needs a roto rooter" then they laugh. Constipation due to eating shit that’s bad for you isn’t hilarious. Don’t feed your kid blocks of cheese.

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i’m worried for people who can’t be alone with themselves.